Small Batch

When we’re experimenting you’re benefiting! Small Batch is just like those unique bourbons that aren’t the same as the standards but still tasty enough to be appreciated. Small Batch is released in limited quantities that may not be available after it is gone, so time is of the essence with each of these releases.

Honey BluV


Honey BluV is a mix of Boro Batch’s striking Wild Honey, Dave’s Blues, and a new experimental UV color. It is an awesome striking blue on its own but with a splash of UV reaction. Being a striking color with UV properties makes this color very unique in the color world. Honey BluV makes for a great marbled fluorescence when in the UV light.


Orang-Yellow takes a glass of orange juice and puts cubes of ice to melt away the thickness to get a cooler hue of yellow. This transparent orange tinged yellow was created as a byproduct of experimenting with the creation of Tangelo and while it’s not as dark of a shade as Tangelo it still has some of the UV reflective properties that Tangelo exhibits. This color will work wonderfully for overlay and for hollow work. This color fills another whole in the non-striking transparent palette.

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