Blue Honey


Blue Honey is the rarest of all honeys because it comes from the Blue Bumble Bee. The Blue Bumble Bee first came about when a guy named Dave used to play the blues for fields of wild flowers. All of those wild flowers started taking in the blues and created blue pollen which the local bumble bees used to make their hives with.

After many seasons of Dave playing the blues for the buzzing and bumbling locals he noticed that these bees had turned blue. They were a more laid back kind of bee. Dave checked out their hive one day after following one of these blue dudes back to their den where he found the Blue Honey.

Blue Honey is as rich and deep as Dave’s Blues before you heat it up.
hen you strike it retains its’ translucence but gets waves of purples and gains a greenish blue appearance.
It’s a very workable color but refrain from a heavily reducing environment.

Come grab some Blue Honey from the store!

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