Green Pearl

Green Pearl is a dark green like the leaves of the largest, most well fed […]

Purple Drank

Purple Drank is a crazy color that shifts thrice because it’s so nice. When you’ve […]

Blue Moonshine

Blue Moonshine is a super creamy semi-opaque blue. Blue Moonshine’s ability to be both a […]

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream is a cadmium based opaque orange that can thank its bright appearance to […]


Synergy is the energy driving everything to the point of it’s greatest potential and with […]


Dahlia is the delight that you need in your life because this vibrant pink is […]

Flip Frog

Flip Frog will make your customers hop over each other when they see your work […]

Electric Coconut

Electric Coconut brings one of the best colors out of the 90’s and puts it […]

Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow is an ultra transparent yellow that is similar to golden rays of light. […]

Sour Puss

You can be the life of the party with Sour Puss! Sour Puss is the […]