Muddy Waters

We went down to the river after a medium sized storm and we pulled out […]

Light Muddy Waters

We went down to the river after a small storm and we pulled out this […]

Hurricane Strike

Be prepared for this striking blue because it is making landfall in a big way. […]

Flip Flop

Flip Flop shows that in different lights any color is right. Flip Flop reacts actively […]


Watermelon is a luscious and vibrant pink when bathed in UV light. When in normal light […]


The Mead is plentiful and ever flowing from the wells of Boro Batch’s crucibles. Beautiful […]


Oscar found it’s way into our hands from hours of trying to get a hue […]


Orangutang is the more saturated counterpart to Tangelo. Orangutang has a darker orange appearance, and […]


Pirnkle is a clear rod, that when introduced to UV light, gives off a very […]


Our newest addition  is a color many have been asking for in the boro palette. […]